Slowly but surely


Welcome to the WiteNoiz website, a website that's been a bit neglected over the past several months.
But that's changing, so bear with me while the website is undergoing it's changes.

Work is, as always, completely time consuming. Being a sole independent developer means you have a massive workload. Aside from actually programming the apps and games, which is normally a mammoth task all on it's own. There's also the art, sound, videos, website, promotion, testing, customer support and so on and so on. It takes up far more of my life than my wife would like it to 😉

However, this year I will be making a significant effort to make sure the website, along with the social media channels, will be kept far more up-to-date. Though Twitter is normally where I'm most active, something you'll know if you follow me there.

Indeed something I'm planning to have on the website is something completely different, for me at least.
While my passion is making apps and games for iOS devices, that sprung up from another passion of mine, technology!
I love technology, the things that we can do today are astounding and we take much of it for granted. A lot of what we're capable of now was science fiction when I was a kid, yet here we are with supercomputers in our pockets, video calls. An entire world of knowledge, music and video at our fingertips and we're even now seeing the birth of computers we talk to in order to get things done.

What has this to do with my developing apps? Sometimes nothing, but it interests me and millions of other people.
I find myself helping people I know and people on forums I visit, offering tech support, product advice and so on.
Therefore, I'm adding my blog to the website and it''s not just my development.
I'll be offering up opinions, news, reviews, help, how-to's and anything else interesting and tech related.

As you can tell I'm not by any means a professional writer, far from it. But when it comes to tech, I know my way around.
So what you'll get is some interesting, helpful, occasionally funny information written as if you were asking your friend for advice.
Feel free to get in touch if there's a particular topic you'd like to see covered as information/review/support and I'll see what I can do.

First up on the blog is, well this piece of course, but followed buy a review of the new Apple AirPods I wrote over on MacRumors.
I thought some people might find it interesting.