Perfection! 4: Nightfall

Perfection! 4: Nightfall is deceptively simple. Make all of the tiles on the game board point to midnight (or North if you prefer.)
Sounds simple enough, of course, it isn’t…..

About Perfection! 4: Nightfall

The game is deceptively simple. Make all of the tiles on the game board point to midnight (or North if you prefer.) 

Sounds simple enough, but this is a puzzle game. So when you rotate your selected tile, the tiles above, below, left and right of it which match any of the colours on the button also move. each button may have up to four colours, so you have to find the right combination of button and tile to move in order to get them all pointing to midnight together.

Perfection! 4: Nightfall – Main Features:


2 Games in One

Perfection! 4 contains 2 completely FREE FULL GAMES. Of course the new Perfection! 4: Nightfall game itself. And, as you’ve been asking for it to return for a long time, there is a bonus unlock-able, Perfection! 2: Midnight has been recreated in full.


Sit Back And Relax

Unlock “Zen Mode” to practice or play levels at your leisure without a time limit.


Everything Is FREE

No adverts (ever.) and No compulsory in app purchases.
Everything can be obtained just by playing the game.


120 Brain Busting Puzzles

At launch, Perfection! 4 includes 120 Brain busting, puzzling levels and more new levels will be added regularly.


And So Much More…..

Our colour-blind friends can change every colour in the game to suit them.
Perfection! 2: Midnight includes lots of different grid sizes for different levels of challenge and truly unlimited play, all of the levels in Perfection! 2 are randomly generated, so you can play this game forever.

Stay In Sync

Complete iCloud syncing, start playing on one device and pick up and play where you left off on your other devices.

Perfection! 2: Midnight

Back by popular demand. You’ve been asking me to bring back this game since it was removed from the AppStore. So in Perfection! 4: Nightfall, there is a complete and free recreation of the Perfection! 2 game, as a bonus unlock-able.