Prepare yourself for an epic adventure in a classic, retro styled platforming world. Run, jump, fly and bounce your way to victory in this fast and frenzied game made by us but created by you.

Yes, I did say created by you. If you’ve ever played a game and thought, I can do better than this, well, here’s your chance to prove it. Because the absolute best bit about Backpack Harry isn’t actually our game, it’s yours.

With the full featured but simple to use level editor built-in to Backpack Harry, you get to create your own worlds, play them, share them and generally prove just how awesome, devious, cruel or sneaky you can be. Choose from three world sizes and create whatever you want to.

Want to make a classic platforming level, with traps, enemies, obstacles, hidden areas, collectible bonuses and everything else that makes a platform game great? You can. Or perhaps you’d like to create an auto runner level, well with the flick of a switch you can do that too. Fancy trying your hand at making a flying game? Well, good news, we included a jetpack. Or you can combine everything together, choose the largest world size and make a massive MetroidVania (Google it) game.

The only limit with Backpack Harry is your imagination. And because Backpack Harry is a universal game, you can even play your brilliant platforming creations on the big screen.

Perfection! 3 has been Picked as one of PhoneArena’s best new games of the week.

Keeping the style but completely changing the formula of the previous two games. Perfection! 3 is still going to test your strategy gaming skills to their limits, but this time you had better be able to think fast as well. 


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