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Perfection! 3: The Chain

iTunesArtwork@2xThey say good thing come in threes. In the case of the Perfection! trilogy this is very true. The best has been saved to last.

Perfection! 3: The Chain takes inspiration from the first two games in the series but changes the formula completely. This time round Perfection! is a more fast paced, lively kind of game.

Coming Soon, only for iOS.

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Ocular iOS OCR ScannerOcular is the easy way to scan, convert and share anything you can point a camera at.

Ocular doesn’t stop at being a simple document scanner. Using advanced OCR technology Ocular can change the words** in your images into actual editable text documents.

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Perfection! 2

iTunesArtworkDo you have what it takes to achieve Perfection…. Again?
The sequel to the critically acclaimed puzzle game Perfection!

Perfection! 2: Midnight builds on the beautifully simplistic yet challenging and addictive formula of the first game. To bring to you a sequel that is infinitely more complex.

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